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In the name of Herman Hollander
Selection of articles collected from periodicals and Torah sources
COTAR Online is a comprehensive and unique repository of articles which provides answers to fundamental and daily Halachic questions.
The repository presently contains more than 10,000 articles collected from hundreds of periodicals and Torah sources published between 1970 and 2003.
Cotar Online includes a unique and detailed index of more than 2,400 topics which provides direct links to the relevant articles.
The articles in the database deal with a variety of topics such as:
Civil law - Eretz Israel and its commandments - Shabbat and Holiday - Marital relations and family - Ways of life
A few examples of questions examined in COTAR Online:
  • Disconnecting a terminal patient from an artificial breathing machine
  • Experiments on animals for research purposes
  • Freeing terrorist prisoners in order to free Jewish captives
  • Selling organs for transplants
  • Cell phone and pager in synagogues
Cotar online was published by Responsa Project of Bar Ilan University and developed with CDI Systems e-publishing technology NetIS.